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5 - Automation Enthusiast

TLDR: I'm not able to upgrade to a Business account, and when I go to my workspace, it says it does not belong to my company. I am the sole billable collaborator in that workspace, and I'm listed there as Owner.


I'm a consultant. A year ago, I set up an AirTable Workspace for one of my clients, adding them as a billable collaborator. I paid for their first year of use myself. When the new plan structure came along, I upgraded my own workspace (A) to Business, and the client workspace (B) became Teams level. 

This morning I wanted to switch from monthly to annual billing. This wasn't an option, so I tried downgrading temporarily to Teams to see if then when I upgraded again, the Annual billing option would be back.

But it won't let me upgrade. When I go to my workspace, it says it's external: "This workspace does not belong to your company."

Who does it belong to? My client has never had access to that base and shouldn't have been able to do anything with it, including change the ownership.

More importantly, how can I get ownership back so I can upgrade it back to Business?



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