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Those of you who’ve tried to reach me lately will either have been met with silence or, if lucky, very occasional messages punctuated by extended periods of silence. The good news is, after a lot of false starts and some extremely expensive tests (ah, the glamorous consulting life), most, perhaps all, of a range of disparate symptoms has been tied back to one underlying cause. Unfortunately, it’s a cause that will require surgery to repair, and thanks to a combination of the holidays, insurance uncertainties, and my now living in a medical desert, it’s going to be a while before said surgery occurs. Until then, I have no idea from one hour to the next whether I can focus on Airtable or sit or stand comfortably at my desk – and I certainly can’t predict well enough to take on any projects. With luck, I should be at a steady level of post-surgical discomfort, at least, by February; until then, I may be here several times a day, or I may not log back on for a month.

Here’s looking forward to the new year!

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:slightly_frowning_face: Bummer
Best of luck, and God bless, @W_Vann_Hall. I hope you’ll be able to recover quickly. Truly

Sorry to hear that man. Here’s to a speedy recovery when the time comes!