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I am trying to understand more about the paid plans, and who exactly on the team needs to pay for plans to access bases that use paid features. 

We use airtable for our general employee handbook. Although everyone needs to access it, only the admin team needs to have editing/creator rights. 

From my understanding, someone with a paid plan account needs to create a workspace that houses the handbook base. Then they would share it with the rest of the team, and note in airtable who needs read-only permissions (in which those users won't need paid plans to access the base), and those who should have editing rights (in which we would then need to pay for their plan). Is this correct?

We want the handbook base to have the paid features of higher record limit and sync intergrations which would be useful, but we don't want to end up paying $20 a month per seat for everyone just for those two features as the cost isn't justifiable for our case. 

Additionally, if we have one base that we want to sync to another but are in different workspace because we want to limit how much info people can access in one of the bases...
1.) is it possible to have sync intergrations across two different workspaces?

2.) is it even necessary to split the bases up into two different workspace, or can you control who can view which base within the same workspace?

and 3.) if we do need to have two separate workspaces, for the admin users who need full creator/editor rights, will we have to pay $20/user each month or would it end up being $40/user each month for accessing both workspaces since I read that the paid plans go with the workspace, not the user.

Thank you in advance for your responses!




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You do not state which plan you are considering, but I’m guessing that you are looking at a team plan because you mention $20 per person.

If you choose the team plan, you pay for each user who has editor or creator access to any base in the workspace. View only users are free. The “owner” of the workspace pays for everyone; other users in the workspace do not pay for themselves.

If you want people to have access to only some bases in the workspace, but not others, you do that by sharing the individual bases or interfaces with them.

You can sync tables across workspaces, but it sounds like you do not need multiple workspaces.

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

It does sound like you're looking at the Team plan. Whoever would be in charge of creating/owning any bases will need Creator-level access. Anyone who needs to edit the base will need editor-level access and everyone else can have read-only access. The only free access is read-only. 

You can sync across 2 different workspaces, but if the only reason you're doing that is to prevent someone who can see the handbook base from seeing the other base, it isn't necessary. You can give users either workspace-level permissions or base-level permissions. 

Also, on the team plan, you'll be charged for each user on each workspace. For instance, if you have someone who is on both workspaces as a paid user, you'll pay double for them. If you had 3 workspaces and that user was on all 3, you'd pay triple. The only way to only pay for the user once no matter how many workspaces they're on, is to upgrade to Enterprise which has more features, but does cost enough and has a requirement for minimum users you pay for so it doesn't sound like the right option if y'all are trying to save money.