Uploading photos from a iPhone

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Recently something has changed as to photos can be uploaded to a table. I was able to do a multiple selection of photos and add them directly to a record.

Don’t know when it happened but now I have to upload them one at a time not to mention when airtable looks for the photos it is not sorting them the way the phone does and it is a pain to refind the ones I want - one at a time.

Any suggestions?

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It sounds like either the mobile app behavior changed, or the way that the app interfaces with the iPhone was changed by Apple. Unfortunately the vast majority of us here won’t know which it was because we’re fellow users like you. Only a tiny fraction of people in this community are Airtable staff. I suggest writing to Airtable support directly. If it’s something that Apple did in an iOS update, Airtable developers might not yet be aware of it.

Thanks for the input. Will try and contact Airtable support. Just haven’t got very far with them in the past, except for “canned” answers.

I am new to Airtable and would really like to pick someone’s brain to help me navigate the monster I have created. :crazy_face: Would you be up for some chatting privately? I have so many questions and have not really been able to find “exactly” what I need in the support documents. I really enjoy using Airtable. I just know I can make it function better. As mentioned early, I really can’t get much help from the Airtable people.


Sorry for the delayed reply. I’ll send a message to connect directly.

Could I have your direct email?


Sure! I’ll message it to you.

Hi Justin, Did you ever figure out how to do this? I'm trying to upload photos from my iphone today, likely to have each photo be a record. I googled how to do this and found your question page here.