URL Preview Not Working for AirTable Share Links

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

My team and I are trying to create URL previews for AirTable share links. The URL preview extension works for other URL types, such as Google Sheets, but we are seeing "No preview" when we select a cell with AirTable share link. It's the same issue whether the share link is for a base or for a table view.

While looking through online documentation, I saw that the format of the link that's generated for us is different from the format I see in the documentation. Ours is in the format "[random-string]/shr[random-string]/tbl[random-string]" or "[random-string]/shr[random-string]",  while the online documentation shows the format "[random-string]".

I'm not sure if that is the cause of the URL preview failing, but was wondering if anyone else encountered a similar issue.

Online documentation I was referring to:

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


Screenshot 3



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