Using Airtable as a Static Image Host in 2023

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4 - Data Explorer

Now that Airtable has deprecated static URLs for image attachments (or at least will some time in March or whatever), server side generated apps that use Airtable as a CMS backend can't use Airtable for image hosting anymore. Instead, combination solutions such as hosting images on aws s3 and putting image URLs in Airtable is necessary. This is because the URL provided by Airtable for an image attachment "expires" after a few hours, and a sever side generated app is "hardcoded" with the expired URL.

I have a client that's not interested in two part solutions like this, and wants their CMS backend in one place. Is there a paid feature to switch back on static image attachment URLs permanently? This was a really easy, user-friendly way (especially for non devs) to have a CMS backend.  If not, I'll need to investigate another CMS backend solution for my client.


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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello. The solution to this issue is dependent on using a third-party application that integrates with Airtable. miniExtensions provides an extension specifically designed for this scenario:

This extension creates non-expiring URLs for your Airtable attachments.