Re: Using Airtable to organize and search a marketing document collection?

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi –

We’re looking to improve how we organize and disseminate our marketing materials. In particular, we’ve found that we really can’t find any single way of organizing the materials that work for all use cases. Sometimes people want to find material related to a particular product, sometimes for a particular use case, sometimes by market segment, etc. So we really want to find a way to label / tag the documents, and then provide something like a simple faceted search UI to allow folks to search from whatever perspective they are coming from.

I’d love to do this in AirTable but I can’t find an obvious way to set this up, nor have I found any examples of this. Has anyone used AirTable to organize a document collection, using multiple different labeled attributes (e.g. Product, Geograhy, Segment, etc) and then provided a simple faceted navigation approach to getting to the actual content?



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11 - Venus

Hi R_Felciano_QIAGEN

Had you thought about views? You could set up each view according to the type of documents, by using the name of the documents and it will show those records with the attachments
/documents to view.

I did the same with attachments/photos (the same field is used for both) and it works.

Here is a link about creating views, that you might find helpful:

Hope this helps.

Hi Mary –

We use Views extensively already, but there doesn’t seem to be a view that lets you do a search by filtering down various field values. Here’s an example of what we’re aiming for, from Github, using IMDB movies, where you can filter by actor, tag, genre, etc.

This seems like it would be a great view or block to add.


Hi R_Felciano_QIAGEN

I read your post, I am a little bit out of depth with your second post, so I don’t know how much help I can be.

What I would suggest, is you re-post your your question, asking for help.

Sorry I could not help.