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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone. I am currently trying to create a checklist for a theatre production so we always remember to load everything in the van. However, although this works perfectly when I am on the computer version, I can tick the items as they are loaded, when I transfer to the mobile app it seems to become a laborious task because when I tick on the items, rather than check the item it takes me to the individual record. Does any one know if it is possible to just check and uncheck items in the mobile version? Thanks

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Welcome to the community, @Danielle_Jones!

I know, this behavior is extremely annoying. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about this behavior. I would highly recommend emailing to ask them about fixing this behavior. Maybe if they receive enough emails, they will realize the errors of their ways & will fix this.

Some workaround ideas:

  • You could try loading your Airtable base in your mobile web browser by going to in your mobile browser. You’ll need to tell your mobile web browser to request the “desktop version” of the website in order to work. Everything will appear very small and you’ll have to zoom & scroll a lot, but you will at least get the normal checkbox behavior.

  • You could pay an extra monthly cost for the MinoExtensions grid view, which lets you check the checkboxes directly in the grid itself.

Thank you. I will let them know and have a look at using the desktop version for when I need this.