Vega-lite pie chart not working in Airtable

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I’m trying to create a simple pie chart with Vega-lite in Airtable. I got it worked in the Vega-lite editor but the pie chart is not showing up in Airtable with the same configuration. See screenshots below. What did I do wrong in Airtable? Thanks!
InkedInkedvega-lite 1_LI
Inkedvega-lite 2_LI

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You assumed the data node was required. This is not the case in Airtable’s Vega-Lite app - it assumes the data comes from configured declarations. Create a simple pie chart in Airtable using the Vega-Lite app and then look at the declaration code it generates.

Could you give me an example of the pie chart code? I don’t quite understand what you mean. I copied and pasted Vega-lite’s sample code and it doesn’t work. So should I be modifying it for Airtable? Thanks!

No. Airtable has some expectations that you select a table and instrument the fields in the code as needed. Example…


Achieved with…