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4 - Data Explorer


I’m wondering if there is a way to set up a block (most likely Timeline?) that can visually represent more than one date field?

Specifically, say I’ve got 6 different date fields in my table; staff start travel date, pilot start travel date, trip start date, trip end date, pilot end travel date, staff end travel date - is there a way to configure the block so that all of those dates are included? Or am I limited to having several separate blocks, each representing one?


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You could use either the timeline block or the gantt block to do this - you would see all of your “events” as bars spanning their duration in the same timeline space.

Are you asking because you haven’t upgraded to “Pro” yet, and wanted to know if this was possible before upgrading?

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks so much for the reply! I have upgraded and have played around with the Timeline and Gantt blocks, but it appears there is only the option to use one start date field and one end date field. I’ve basically got a set of events that have different types of start and end dates (they are trips, so we’ve got the dates of the actual trips with guests, but then on either side of the actual trip there are dates that the pilot or guides need to arrive/ leave) that I’d like to see visually represented all within the same block.

So you have a Table for Trips, and each Record in the Trips table has multiple “Events” represented within it by multiple start-end date fields? Is that right?

If I am understanding that correctly, I’d address that by creating another table for Events. In that table, each Event would be linked to a Trip, so in your Trip table, you’d have a Link to another record field --> Events where you can link multiple Events to a single Trip.

Then, in your Events table, each Event should have its own Start and End Date. This way there is only 1 start-end duration to represent for each Event, but each Event is still associated with just one Trip. And now you can create your TimeLine or Gantt block to represent the Events table, rather than the Trips table – but each Event on the TimeLine or Gantt block can still be traced back to, or Identified with its Trip.