Volunteer Sign-Up and Notifications

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4 - Data Explorer

The thing I want Airtable to do ultimately is the following-

A (new) volunteer signs up to a form which is already created (can’t include links in my post)

-I wish the Volunteering Scheduling “+ Add” was a little different, but I’ve got that linked to another table called “volunteering events” so it make sense, I just wish the interface looked a little different and they didn’t have to click a button to see the options. Otherwise this form looks pretty good to me.

The real kicker stuff that I think would be great is the following.

-Once someone signs up for volunteering, I’d like for airtable to send them a reminder with all the details they signed up for immediately. Either via text or email. I have sendgrid and twillio hooked up to airtable already.

-With this first reminder, I’d also like for it via zapier? to create a google calendar event or invite these volunteers to an existing google calendar event so they can add it easily to their calendars.

-Then two days before the actual volunteering event, I’d like for airtable (via twilio or sendgrid) to send volunteers a reminder, and let them know to text or call the supervisors number if anything comes up.

-Update mailchimp and/or reference our current mailchimp volunteer list to see if anyone should be added

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