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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I want to create a poll where users can vote on their favorite local X each month. It needs to:

Have a name and address.
Add photos and links as an added bonus for advertisers.
Vendors can be added as the voting continues.
The template can be changed each month.
The votes are tallied by the program and can be seen, or not.

What do you suggest?

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Oh, the Airtable folks aren’t gonna like this one. :winking_face: I like to turn to the wisdom of the masses to help gauge the best choice in matters like this.

What this data does not tell you is the capacity to host/publish your polling solution. Both Coda and PollProfs are designed to openly host and publish your content and resulting cote data, whereas, Airtable not so much.

You also need to consider the meta-information about a community data-gathering process. Often, you need to blend lots of text, images, instructions, and commentary with your polling process to effectuate an inviting and active place for giving feedback. The business requirements are typically vastly greater than the simple act of data-gathering. I personally - knowing little of what your requirements are - would tilt in favour of a publishing platform that also provides integrated data collection and seamless voting.