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4 - Data Explorer

I am a novice in Airtable and I am wondering what an App is.

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

While the word “app” can mean different things in Airtable, usually it means an individual component in the “apps” dashboard on the right side panel. These apps include Page Designer, Chart, Base Schema, Dedupe, and other useful tools. Bases in free workspaces can install one of these apps. Bases in legacy Pro workspaces can have unlimited apps. Bases in new Pro workspaces can have 10 apps.

Apps are modular apps that live on top of your Airtable bases. From map, chart, and timeline, which introduce new ways to visualize your work, to Google Cloud Vision, translate, and send SMS, which help put it into action, apps not only enhance your existing Airtable use cases, but also introduce completely new ways of building your own app workflows.