Why is it sharing personal Views?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I am sharing a view-only link to a base with others but the views they see are including views I have set as personal to me. I expected it would only share views set for “Collaboration”

Is this expected behavior? Any way to hide those views from read-only people?

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Personal in this case doesn’t mean private, but not customizable.

Personal views are a special view configuration type that allows collaborators with creator, editor, or commenter permissions to create views that can only be customized by the view’s current owner. In other words, only the owner of a personal view can customize that view’s filters, grouping, field visibility, field order, sorts, row heights, and record coloring.


7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

The link you sent has the following language which indicates that others should not see my personal views. I believe that was the case until recently. There is a toggle that allows you to see or hide other people’s personal views but that Toggle appears not to do anything unless I am missing something?

“Personal views are also hidden from other collaborators’ view sidebars by default. This makes personal views the perfect tool to create tons of views to play around with visualizing a table’s data—without worrying about affecting other collaborators’ views or their view sidebar. Personal views are currently available for bases within workspaces on Pro and Enterprise plans.”

Personal views are not a security feature. Everybody can toggle their sidebar to show or hide other people’s personal views at any time.

As @Databaser said, personal views are not private. They are just hidden by default, but can be easily unhidden at any time.

Here’s a better way of understanding it:

Airtable has no real security in the platform if you make somebody a collaborator. Once somebody is a collaborator on your base, they can see EVERYTHING in your entire base. EVERYTHING.

If you need better security, I would highly recommend checking out the portal.

I must be experiencing a bug because I can still see other people’s personal views seven though I have the toggle off.

I am sending a report to AirTable support. Thanks for your replies.

You can tell if they’re personal views because in the list of views, they have a colored user icon to the right of the view name that represents which user’s view it is.

So yes, if you’re still seeing those views with user icons after you toggle off the selection, I would contact Airtable Support.