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4 - Data Explorer

Hello community, I’m creating a video edit delivery schedule based on a start date. I was able to create everything with this formula WORKDAY({Start Edit},7) , the “start edit” day was the known and we added 7 days to when we needed to have RC1 due. Then the next formula was WORKDAY({RC1 Due},2)) and so on for 2 rounds of reviews and notes.

NOW, I’m trying to predict lateness. I read that an override column should be made and if client doesn’t hit the RC1 due date I would then have a cell that is titled OVERRIDE RC1 Received to make changes. The formula I used was

IF({OVERRIDE RC1 Received},{OVERRIDE RC1 Received},WORKDAY({RC1 Due},2))

The formula, unfortunately, won’t add the right amount of days to the new override date.

Hopefully my explanation makes sense and someone can explain what I’m doing wrong to create a post timeline based on rounds of revisions.

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Hi @Pastor_Alvarado and welcome to the community!

I don’t know if I’m getting your question right, but aren’t you searching for this:

IF({OVERRIDE RC1 Received},WORKDAY({OVERRIDE RC1 Received},2),WORKDAY({RC1 Due},2))

This way, if there is an “override RC1” date, the formula will give that date + 2 work days, otherwise it will give the “RC1 Due” date + 2 work dates.