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Ability to disable interim pop-up when creating record via Interface element.

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus
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Within an interface, when creating a new record via an element - such as Calendar, Gallery or Kanban, there's a pop-up that greets the user that often isn't actually desirable, and if I'm honest, can be a very real pain.

Shown below is the pop-up in question, in my example, it's showing a formulated field - and I have no interest in detailing the records other fields from within this pop-up.


I can't tell you how frustrating it is (especially for a record-creation intensive workflow) to constantly dismiss this pop-up that seems hard-coded into these elements - especially for records that contain formulated primary fields - this pop-up is extremely undesirable and serves no purpose.

It should also be noted that we don't necessarily want to be giving an option to the user to "Open in base" either, assuming the pop-up is to remain enabled.

Interestingly, not all elements "Create Record" action/button show this prompt, and in my case I really really really wanted to use the Gallery Element, but having this pop-up makes it a deal breaker, meaning I'll probably be reliant on the List View to achieve the desired outcome - as it doesn't have this pop-up when clicking new record.

For context, my users are needing to create a couple of records, and then they can click into them directly via the element that displays the records - a sidesheet slides out for them to enter in the details for that record. And it's in this context that this interim pop-up makes zero sense, and we're needing a toggle to disable it.


The toggle option to disable this interim pop-up should be found with the option that enables the record creation button. There should also be a toggle to hide "Open in base" if the interim pop-up remains enabled.

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Whilst I'm here, part of this same puzzle is the Add Record button taking up an entire row of white space, it could really be nested within the element much more tightly.


Something like this;