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Add checkbox to Enable All Automations (when copying base + to batch-enable automations)

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

I have about 30 automations and in my base and every time I copy the base, all Automations are disabled. I kind of get it why it is, I guess precautionary measure to prevent triggering automations again when they shouldn’t run (e.g. sending emails again, posting into facebook etc.). That’s fine. I get it.

In my base, my Automations are only within Airtable and don’t interact with 3rd party services. I rely on Automations to fill some fields in my table.

Recently I copied my base and I forgot to turn on the Automations. The issue now I am facing is all the data I filled into the table is incomplete, my formulas didn’t run and basically the data is useless. I will need to spend hour or more to fill in manually the stuff that would have done with Automations (many of them start on new record creation etc)

So while I understand why Automations shouldn’t be enabled by default, I wish I was able to turn them on easily (not go one by one to turn on each Automation… I got almost 30 of them). And secondly, I wish there was a switch in the dialogue when copying to base that would allow be to enable all Automations in the copied base.

Here are screenshots of what I mean:


And this is the copy dialogue…



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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a very similar issue, I am creating a duplicate base for testing and I have to individually enable all the automations. I have about 15 and it takes time (and sometimes I forget too). I also understand why they are disabled by default but having an enable all automations toggle switch would be perfect. :thumbs_up: