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Add option to "wrap text" for long text in selection field for single-select, multi-select, etc

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer
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In Form View (and in grid view also), we have some multi- and single-select fields. The selection options tend to be long, and some would need to wrap two lines of text to be displayed fully on form view. 

People using the form, can see the full option text of the selection by mousing over, but this is tedious as we have many long selections. 

It would be great, if when we create the field, we have the option to "Wrap Text." We realize this may mean that some of the checkboxes will have one line gaps between them, but that is OK with us. We prefer better customer usability. 

Screenshot image: Shows long text being cut off. 
"Add wrap text toggle option here" image: Where you can put the option to wrap text