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Add "Apply Template" to options in expanded records

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Added this as a comment to the Record Templates announcement but also wanted to add a new thread.

I'm trying to build out a new workflow where team members can create new records in one table via a Linked Record field in a different table. When you click the " + Create a new record" option at the bottom of the Link Record dialog, you get the new record as an expanded record showing the fields visible in the very top view of the table.

I'd love for the top right options menu (below) to have an "Apply template" option somewhere so I can more seamlessly create new records using existing templates, rather than having to click out of the expanded view, navigate to the table the new record is located in, and apply the template there. A little paint bucket between the link and comment icons... pretty please...


Not make-or-break, as it's ultimately a small thing, but it would make for a much more seamless experience overall, imo.