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Advanced Form View options

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast


I’d like to see some advanced form view options:

  • Full page-width forms;
  • Editable font-size;
  • Radio buttons for Single Select;
  • Check boxes for Multiple Select;
  • Number limitations (i.e. Between 1 and 10);
  • Sliders for numbers, percentage etc.;
  • Character limitations on single line text and long text.

FYI: Using it for tests with the possibility to choose between answers. Currently using the drop down options form users to choose between Answer A, Answer B, etc. Because there’s more text than a simple form in it, the current form-width in combination with the somewhat ‘big’ font-size, makes the form harder to read. Besides that, it’s easier for users to fill in radio buttons, than to select from a dropdown menu.

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