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Airtable Bot for Slack

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9 - Sun
9 - Sun

Please develop a native Airtable bot for Slack. My team would kill to be able to address Airtable via @airtable and /airtable!

There are many use cases, I have no doubt. And thus, bots may need to be configured per channel. But presentation of Airtable views/UIs within Slack, would be MAJOR. Our specific needs include:

  1. The ability to request an in-line Airtable form (iframe), complete with database-driven drop-downs.

  2. The ability to search a given base/view/field for a text string, returning the full record.

  3. Ability to request state-change reports for a given period, eliminating the need for Airtable’s currently rather shotgun/spammy use of a single channel (nearly always muted).

  4. Scheduled updates per channel/view. Just like Google Calendar can update our team of the week’s events at a given time, we’d like Airtable to update us of the records in a given view on a specific schedule. The presentation UI for such status reports would need development; I picture a “big card” or user-defined layout block.

  5. Native notification of form-receipt. Right now we can ingest the form-received emails, and can build workflows via Zapier, but native bot functionality would be better.

  6. Slack notification of credits, feature updates, nearing plan threshold, broken integrations, etc. Basically, anything that Airtable emails us now, should be optionally slacked/DM’d instead.

  7. I could go on… VERY interested in the rest of yall’s thoughts; please chime in below!