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Allow user to reposition fields when searching "Hidden Fields" within Grid View.

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus
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Within a Grid View, often as I'm searching through many fields within a table via the "hidden fields" drop-down, I'm needing to reposition those returned fields from the hidden fields menu, typically the fields that I'm toggling the visibility of, I'm usually needing to move the fields to the first position of the table (or perhaps the last).

Can we please have a toggle added on each field returned that allows users to quickly reposition their fields (to first or last) whilst the field search is active within the hidden fields - Grid View? And toggling the first/last button won't close/cancel out the hidden fields menu either, allowing for multiple operations to be carried out sequentially. Find field(s), toggle then to first and last, find different fields, toggle them to first and last, rinse repeat without the dialogue closing between each toggle.

Screenshot below, hopefully this explains my request;