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Array field values from collapsed (or collapsing?) record

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Something I’ve run across a few times now:

If I am looking to batch update a field in a section of records it is helpful to group them, but… If those records are grouped by the field I wish to update, which they sometimes are, we are not able to array an update made to that grouped field, as it collapses the record before we can array the update. The only way around is to un-group the cells, which is no so convenient if that grouping is the driver for the update… Group on / Group Off / ad-inf

Here is a visual, hopefully it helps:

In this image I have just updated record 86 - Field 5 with a record link (Multiuse Tools…) that I would like to array to fields 87-91. I cannot however perform that array because it has already collapsed and the record into the new grouping and relocated to record 1089.

I love the collapsed record HUD, I think that’s a a brilliant feature! AND… if it was possible to add array handles to it, that would be super awesome-cool!