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Better calendar View

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

How can you customise the information on a calendar view?

The calendar view doesn’t add as much as I hoped for us - it shows the name of the record and then if we click on that the name and the date.

As our record names is a alphanumeric code - it doesn’t immediately provide value to us (we need to open the whole thing) - What I would like is to be able to customise the informaiton that shows up in a calendar and on click of a record in calendar (before i expand the record).

Our use case here is that we deliver 1000s of workshops - i want a trainer name calendar so i can see at a glance which trainers are working on that specific day - within my workshops tab. Equally having the click on record show the location or client would be great. Frankly showing the datye is of limited value as I know that from looking at the calendar

If this is already possible then i would love to know how - if not please add to roadmap