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Filter Linked Field based on the value of another field

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

It is great that we are able to restrict the selection of a Linked Field based on view.

What I really need is to be able to restrict the selection based on a kind of dynamic view.

Here’s an example. I have Clients, Tasks and Expenses table.

In the expenses table, I select a linked Client. I then select a linked Task. When I click to select the task, I am shown all tasks for all clients. I’d like to restrict the view so that I only see tasks related to the selected client.

Is this possible? I think it would probably require having parameters in views and then the ability to set that parameter based on the value of a field or formula.

13 - Mars
13 - Mars

You can do that right now, check this:

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thanks! I think that list of posts doesn’t quite show the same thing. To make a clearer example:

Suppose I have a field called ‘Category’ and a field called ‘Subcategory’.

If I select ‘Fruit’ from Category then Subcategory should show a choice of Banana, Apple, Pear - any subcategory where type = fruit.

If I choose ‘Cheese’ from category it should show Edam, Cheddar, Stilton - any subcategory where type=cheese.

It is now possible to do this with views, so I could have a Fruits view and a cheeses view.

But my use case (showing only tasks relating to a client) has multiple clients added a day, so manually creating a new view for every client doesn’t work.

I’m after a way of parameterizing the view to narrow the choice of linked records based on which category the user selected.