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Implement style options or style inheritance for Lookup fields referencing Checkbox field values

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’ve just implemented a Checkbox field in one table of my “base” to track instances of superseded (“broken”) URLs. In a Grid view, Airtable appears to render a symbol in a Checkbox field for a record only when the state of the field in the record is “checked” (i.e., the underlying value is TRUE). Therefore, as a Pro plan subscriber, I chose a non-default Style (a red check symbol) for this field to visually denote that a check value represents an adverse result.

From another table, I created a “linked record field” to the first table, then a Lookup field linked to the Checkbox field from that first table. It appears that the non-default Style I applied in the Grid view for the source field is not inherited in the Grid view of the referring table’s Lookup field, and that there is no independent means to Style the check symbol from that Lookup field (e.g., to “manually” match the styling of the source Checkbox field).

This is a rather narrow use case, but I would appreciate if Airtable would have the Lookup field in this case either automatically inherit the styling of the source Checkbox field or allow the user to Style the Lookup field independently.