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Integrate the best of Smartsheet

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I just started using Airtable and I must say, I works like a charm. :thumbs_up:

The only thing that I always have to encounter, is that the best functions of the immediate competition are not incorporated. If I look at the very nice possibilities of Smartsheet (reminder and comment function for every row; conditional formatting with colour, overview with alerts, attachments and comments, update requests, …) I’m astonished that these are not in Airtable and/or that they are (as far as I can tell) not (highest) on the priority list. Unbelievable really… Same problem with, eg, Wunderlist vs ToDoIst…


  • reminders (via e-mail, pop-up, sms, …) per line or per “record” for eg deadlines
  • better format for printing (compacter; now 3 pages for 15 columns)
  • conditional formatting with colour
  • asking update request or giving update status per line of record
    (added) - longer revision history! With one year, we can’t even make annual reports
    (added 2) - possibility for other forms of phone numbers (eg for Belgium: 050/123 456 or mobile phones) with possibility to auto pre-set land code

And for heavens sake, look at your competition and integrate their strong points. No brainer. :slightly_smiling_face: