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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

When you assign a value to a linked field you choose from one or more records of the source field. I miss some additional info on the source field while you are choosing the right record. Example:

Imagine 2 tables:

  • TASKS (id, description, person-linked to PEOPLE table)
  • PEOPLE (name, qualifications, experience, adress,…).
    There are 15 people you don´t know and you have to assing tasks to them. First you can have a look at the PEOPLE table, but at the time of assigning the person field within TASKS you cannot remember all of them. The info you see is not enough to make this choice. I can think of 3 possibilities:
  • (full) A shortcut to get the PEOPLE records expanded views so that you can make your choice from there
  • (reduced) The possibility to mark one of the fields in PEOPLE as info field. When you get the list of persons to assign you would see only the primary field and the info field (otherwise you see at least 3 fields and therefore the fist 4 words for each field)

Thanks in advance.