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Linked Records Filter Options

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

It would be great if the base creator could in some way limit the fields that were able to have a linked record added to them, either by:

A) Adding filters to the linked record field dropdown

or more realistically

B) Having a dropdown in the field options that limited the View that the linked records have to be chosen from.

For example, imagine I have a base with a table in it called Products. In here are a load of unique products. Imagine that 100 are marked In Stock, and 400 are marked Sold. I have a filter on this view called ‘Available Products’ that filters on just the In Stock products.

Now imagine I have another table called Orders, where I take customer information and link to the desired product record.

If I could limit the linked records to the ‘Available Products’ view of the Products table, it would ensure orders weren’t being put against items that had sold.