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Page Designer: Convert Linked Record Fields to Plain Text

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

I LOVE the table function for Linked Records in Page Designer. However, to allow for a cleaner table, it would be great if we could choose to display linked records within a table as plain text, instead of the blue rectangle.

I’m working around this by adding a formula field that displays the value of each linked record I want in the table, and pulling those fields instead of the linked record field in Page Designer. It’s kind of a pain and drives me crazy to have doubles of each field, but it works for now.

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13 - Mars
13 - Mars

Another approach would be to use a rollup field to reference the linked record names (or whatever data from the linked records you want), using an aggregation function of


That will separate each item in the rollup using a newline character (essentially a CRLF in PC-speak or a <br> tag in HTML). The resulting field can then be displayed in Page Designer as would any block of text. You can see examples of this and related techniques in my Black Mirror base in Airtable Universe.