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Paste 1 'Linked' cell into another 'Linked' cell (combined or paste on top of what already exists)

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

It would be extremely beneficial if we had the ability to paste a word into a column of linked cells and instead of overwriting the column with that single word, the ability to add that word to the existing links within that columns records. this could apply to a clipboard of multiple linked items or words

Suggested UI: right click paste (overwrite) and secondary options right click paste (add to)

Potential challenge 1 If you paste a group of linked items and one or more linked items already exists in the cell. How would that work? Suggestion: Don’t allow it to, unless they are all exact match or unique (not a combination).

Potential challenge 2 If you paste a word from outside AirTable into the cell with the same word that already exists, do you combine or create a new record? Suggestion: a) pop up asking to combine or create new record or just always combine.

Universal suggestion to fix both above challenges: only allow (merge) pasting from copied cells within AirTable. If it comes from outside, then it will always be added as a new record (or merged), whatever you feel makes most sense.

I did a search to see if anyone has recommended this yet and am surprised no one has! Maybe I didn’t search the right terms. Anyways, I feel many people could benefit from this 🙂

Cheers! Happy NEW YEAR