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Pivot Table to summarize percentage of checked items in multiple columns

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi there,

You pivot tables are not all that helpful since you can only summarize one column. I’m creating a daily habit tracker (so each column is a habit with a checkbox and the rows are the dates) and I love that it can show me the percentage checked at the bottom summary but I would like to create a pivot table to show what percentages are checked for each column each month and right now that isn’t possible. Or if you could make formulas reference across tabs instead of only being able to use columns in that tab for the formula that could accomplish it too… (and if “percent checked” was part of the formula). I found a very complicated workaround for a similar table (a “life score tracker” where I rate my day by things like productivity, mood, and health) where the column is just “type” and you select which thing you’re rating - but I was only able to make that one tolerable because I could have Zapier autopopulate a bunch of empty rows of the different categories each day and I’d prefer not to have to do that for this one, particularly since I’m 17 days into using it and because I have a limited Zapier plan (and I’m paying for Premium here so I should be able to show a pivot table where one of the options is just “all the columns except the column used except the date column” or something).



18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

I’m on a free plan, and don’t have access to blocks like pivot tables, but this specific thing can be done in a new view with only one extra field.

First add a formula field named something like {Month} using the following formula, with the name of your date field in place of {Date}:


Once made, hide this field. Make a new Grid view, and set it to group by the {Month} field. Adjust the summaries of your checkbox columns to show the percentage checked, and you’ll have separate totals for each month.

As for formulas referencing across tabs, there are some tricks that can be done with rollups, lookups, etc. that might work, depending on what you want to achieve. Could you provide a bit more detail about your table configurations and what you’d like to accomplish? There may be a way to pull it off.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thanks! That will do. I don’t love some of these clunky workarounds that airtable makes us do but I guess that’s part of why it’s so customizeable.