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Records mentions in the (more article-like) long text field type

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello! Airtable provides an incredible base for information. Sometimes, we need to use them, combine them and work over them creativelly – for example in a text, using that information freely.

I would grately appreciate a posssibility to:

  1. Mention specific records (of any tables of a base) freely in the long text field type – to tag them by @ anywhere in the text and get active links.
  2. Display a long text field in a better-arranged, more article-like view, meaning it to be (optionally for the column) larger and more writing-and-reading-oriented (in the full-record view), not only as tiny as other field types.
  3. Enjoy richer text formatting in the long text field type, such as simple text coloring.

That could take Airtable to a whole new level, in case of using stored information not only in bulk ways, but also such creatively. Now, for example, I have a table of books, table of authors, table of articles and table of their concepts, but I can’t use Airtable for developing these concepts and writing these articles, using interconnections across the text, yet so few improvements would be enough! (Yes, I can attach some documents, but it’s very unhandy, regardless of missing records mentions.) I believe that such an update could help a lot of people, who work with text (from writing to analytic, research, marketing, devlelopment or study reasons) or who just want to make notes and docs about their data!

What do you think, people? Thank you for your support!

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I second this, especially the ability to @ other records in the same table or even base for easy referencing or adding new records!