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Scripting block: session.selectedRecords

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

These posts are asking about a feature similar to the “filterByFormula” in the standard API, to programmatically filter record selection.

My request is slightly different and I think falls into the “interactive” idea behind the scripting block: session.selectedRecords().

The idea

Each record can be selected with a checkbox on the far left-hand side of the row, or all records can be selected from the box at the top. The UI allows users to “Send” or “Delete” the selected records from the base when right-clicking after selection.

Providing a scripting block some way to detect which records are selected could help with more granular use-cases. For example, the user wants to update 4 records in “GroupX” and 2 records in “GroupY”. Right now, there are easy ways to filter records matching “GroupX” OR “GroupY” but not a mix (absent other algorithms for detecting the desired records).

Potential issues

One implementation issue that comes to mind is when does this selection get stored. If a user runs a scripting block with “N” records selected, provides some information via an input.textAsync() and deselects some records before submitting the text, does the script use the selected records at script start or at moment of execution?

What do others think? And anyone from Airtable, can you give hints if this might be in the works (or any other session variables for that matter)?