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Search & Filter toolbar in 'card layout' embedded view on mobile

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast
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The default responsive 'card layout' of an embedded view is perfect for mobile phones. However, the big disadvantage is that the search and filter toolbar disappears in this card layout. This makes it basically useless if you have many records in one view (in my case >1500).

In theory, I assume this should be a relatively easy fix. Within the Airtable App the function already exist.

I know it is possible to tell your browser to load the site in 'desktop mode', but if you use a table with many rows and columns this just doesn't give the right experience on a small screen.

I built an advanced product portal using 'embedded views' that show >1500 records. The search and filter possibility enables you to find the exact product you need. The portal even comes with a responsive web app. But this final lack of functionality makes the tool practically useless for mobile phone usage.

I know there may be 3'rd party solutions that come close to this functionality, but I just can't stand it that this functionality is missing. The card layout comes so close to being perfect, it just need a responsive search and filter toolbar!

Any development in this would be greatly appreciated!!!