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Separate edit & view permissions

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I need to make my data available to the public, where they can sort, filter, and group the tables to their heart’s content, to analyze the data for their own purposes. But NOT to have permission to edit, delete, or add to the data. Please, please do this! I need it badly.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Mary- To an extent, what you are asking for here is already possible. I realize your needs may go beyond the options listed below, but thought I’d provide these as options in case they will work for you.

Option 1: Shared views
You can simply utilize the shared view feature & provide the read-only users the URL for the view. With that in hand, they can filter, sort, & group the data as needed on the Web but won’t have access to the rest of the data in the base.

Option 2: Read Only Users
If wanting to provided direct access to the base, you could simply share it with individual users with the Read only base permission. This option will give them read only access to the entire base, however.

Option 3: Synced Tables
If desiring to have the end user have more direct access into Airtable as in Option 2, but not wanting them to see/edit other data in the base, you could utilize table syncing such that the data for the table you need to edit is available in an “Admin” base, while this same data is synced to a user-facing table that prevents editing and/or viewing of other sensitive fields.

Option 4: Field Permissions (Pro Plan & above only)
If you want the target users to have edit access to the rest of your base & you’re on the Pro or Enterprise plans, you can simply configure the permissions of each field of the target table such that only a particular role & higher (or none at all) can edit them. Other than the Pro+ plan restriction, this option also assumes you don’t have other fields on the table/in the base that are sensitive in nature & cannot risk being seen by those you are sharing with.

I agree that having more advanced table-based permissions would be a step in the right direction here, but the options above may work for the time being until that day comes. At the table level, you currently are only able to restrict who can add or remove records from each table.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I need strangers from the internet to be able to Filter, Sort, Group, Switch Views, etc on 11 different tables/tabs within a single base/database…but with Read Only access. I can’t risk anyone sabotaging the base if they make a mistake or intentionally. So they can’t have edit access. I run a fantasy data game, similar to fantasy football. It’s getting really big, and we all need to have access to the same historical data, but sortable so they can see manipulate how each data element affects the probable outcome for their grid sheet guesses. Currently, we are stuck using Google Sheets. They have to make a copy of the master read-only sheet, then they can reorganize to their hearts’ content. But you can already surmise how sheets is not a satisfactory option.