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Two-Sided Gallery and Kanban View "Cards"

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

There are many feature requests for the Galley View and I hate to pile on, but my request might help some of the others. I wish we could “turn over” Gallery and Kanban cards to reveal other fields. This would be a useful UI improvement to:

  1. enable the creation of flash cards (Flash card view)
  2. potentially provide data visualizations, enabling Gallery views to serve as simple dashboards (Ability to create graphs, charts, maps from data in Airtable database)
  3. create more visually appealing staff directories or contact lists

I’d like this feature because I’m creating dashboards in Wordpress by embedding single-card gallery views. It would be awesome to have a single field in really large type (or image) that fills up most of the card-face real estate. As an example, if I am tracking unpaid invoices, I might use the days outstanding metric which would show “47” in large type. If I am tracking my weekly running distance, it might show % of goal in large type.

If you remember the wonderful but short-lived Numerous app (here’s a screen shot), you would see what I mean. Wonderful utility…

My own use case might be idiosyncratic, but the underlying concept of a two-sided card is powerful (and one might ask, why stop at two sides – why not go even more multi-dimensional?)

Thanks for considering!