Help to transfer Grid View ownership in a Base

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4 - Data Explorer


I created a Airtable base to develop a set of applications with Glide.
At first, I used USER1 to create the Tables (Grid Views in particular), now I need to switch to USER2 for Company constraints and I should also remove USER1 from the application.

The problem is that I cannot remove the USER1 from the base because I cannot change the ownership of the first tables I created in the Base (Grid Views, in particular) from USER1 to USER2.

Most recent views I created are correctly owned by USER2, instead.

I tried to transfer the base ownership from USER2 and USER1, but the table ownerships do not change. Therefore I'm forced to keep two owners in the base to let the application work.

Can anybody help me to transfer table ownership from USER1 to USER2 so that I can finally get rid of USER1?

Thanks in advance.



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