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I am managing 4 bakeries, each store has a Tablet with Airtable App. They have to fill in on Airtable the out-of-stock products during opening hours and unsold product at closing every night.

I don't know why, but 2 bakeries have the same problem : they fill in the data every night, close the app/tablet, and the data is never saved (usually data which is filled during the day is saved, but not at night...). The tablet is well-connected to wifi, I have also tried to connect it to a different wifi.

I tried to check the Airtable from my account from my computer (each store has its own account), I can see the staff filling the Airtable live. But the stores where I have the data problem, when I check at night I can't see modifying the Airtable from my computer while I'm on the phone with them confirming that they are actually filling it.

What kind of issues is it ? Is it internet/the app/the tablet (new tablets) ?

I have been using this operational methods for several months, but this bug started 1 month ago.
The bug is on Samsung Tablet, the Apple tablets have no issues.

Thanks for the help !

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