7 Step Guide to Restore Deleted Airtable data

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Data loss in Airtable through accidental error, incorrect automation setups, human-error, or anything else can be devastating. If you’ve just discovered that you’ve lost some data or you fear it will happen to you, this is the source you need.

We've created a guide to help you go through various steps and places to look in order to recover your deleted data.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn step-by-step what you need to do to find and restore your Airtable data.

For additional protection, we created On2Air Backups to automatically back up your Airtable data on a regular basis.

Get the guide:
A 7 Step Guide to Restoring Deleted Airtable Data

Hannah - - Automated Backups for Airtable
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Thanks for creating this excellent guide, @Hannah_Wiginton😀

And On2Air Backups is a fantastic tool!

Thanks Scott!

Hannah - - Automated Backups for Airtable