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API Connection - Custom Block for Airtable

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Now that the Custom Blocks have been publicly announced, I wanted to show a block that I have built.

:new_moon_with_face: Name: API Connection
It can fetch data from a JSON API and populate your table with the data.

:mag: Where is the block?
On github -

:video_camera: Demo

:studio_microphone: I also have a course on building custom blocks on Udemy (I hope its not against the rules to post this)

:dollar: Hope this inspires your hackathon block and you get the $10,000

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I’m running into an issue while trying to run this custom block.

Bundle Error: Cannot find module ‘./app/styles/main.js’

Any ideas on how to fix this?

What steps have you followed to run the block ? Maybe you missed something ?

I followed the instructions in the YouTube tutorial. I was able to get a hello world block working correctly, but this error came up when I tried to compile the custom block from the GitHub Repo.

It looks like it’s trying to access a main.js file in the frontend/app/styles/ director when only a main.scss file exists.

This module could really help my project, so any help troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.

You can either

  1. Remove import statement for main.js and get it working. But styles wont work.
  2. Compile the styles (main.scss) into a string (main.js) using this project

Thanks, I think that helped. Now I’m getting a different error:
/Users/xxx/.nvm/versions/node/v12.18.3/lib/node_modules/@airtable/blocks-cli/transpiled/src/builder/frontend/app/styles/main.js: Unexpected token, expected “;” (1:5)

1 | body {
| ^
2 | background: #DCEEFB;
3 | padding: 20px;
4 | }

Hello @Ashwin_P

Can this API Connection custom block do a GET and POST request?

Thanks for sharing

Yes, it should work for all methods

Hello @Ashwin_P

Do you know if I can identify which column and line I changed on my list for only do a POST request only on the changes. Can you guide me to the right direction?