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4 - Data Explorer

The automation currently we are using only works on new records. Is there any way to push the automation to run on existing records in the same table? Right now, when form received, it will create new record. Goal is when form received, it will auto fill out the existing records in the table. Appreciate your help. Thank you!

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Hm could you elaborate on "fill out the existing records" in the table?  Can you provide example screenshots of your table setup as well as expected output from the automation?

The goal is to merge automatic the new record to existing record when the form received. We are using AirTable forms to fill out data from customers but customer has already existing record in the table/grid. We just them a form via email automation trigger just to update their form. Hope this helps. Thank you!

Ah I see!  Airtable has a guide on this that you might find useful:

Airtable forms will create new records as it's base functionality, so there's no way around that I'm afraid.  You could try adding a "Run a script" action to delete the submitted form if you want?

The other possibility would be to use a third party form tool like which provides functionality for you to edit records via a form