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Base Design Layout app - Schemas - Now available in the Airtable Marketplace!

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On2Air Schemas is now available in the Airtable marketplace. Add it directly to your Airtable base from the app menu!


On2Air: Schemas generates a diagram to visualize your Airtable base structure and keeps a history log of changes to meta information for all tables, views, fields, and relationships. Get an understanding of your base design and relationships with Schema.

It’s free to use after the initial trial. If you want additional features, you can upgrade to a plan with our special limited-time launch pricing. Get 40% off for 6 months with the code LAUNCH40 for new app purchases. (Starter plan not included)

Add it to your Airtable base

On2Air Schema Features

  • See the entire base design layout and relationships

  • Create filters to view specific field types

  • Understand the relationship between linked records

  • View referenced relationships for fields, such as lookups, rollups, and formulas

  • Track changes made to tables, views, or fields

  • View advanced details about every field, such as field type, if it’s editable, an array, or the primary field

  • Keep a History Log and Create Snapshots of any changes to the base design

  • Share your design with other team members with a shared link

  • Print a custom view of all or specific sections of your layout

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