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for a long time I thought about ‘what IF’ - display bases and workspaces as tables and fields displayed in base schema. I played a little with array transformations and did 2 model bases to use with base schema app.
First, 2 levels up, Workspaces are ‘tables’ and bases are ‘fields’. Connections are manually created - I used these lines to display some data flow to my colleagues during knowledge transfer.


In general, it’s not very useful. Maybe it can be updated to clickable form to serve as start page, before Airtable develop it’s customizable form, announced in ‘coming soon’. (by way, that’s a great move from Airtable managers - to share such plans with community. it saves time from developing custom solutions, that later may appear in Airtable as native functions).

The next, 1 level up, bases as “tables” and tables as “fields”, connection lines are workspaces - I use it as a tool to oversee common picture and think how it can be developed and transformed. Can’t wait to see announced Data map.


Sometimes we need to gather different info from several (up to 15) projects and multi-source sync can’t be a solution, because needs unpredictable change and re-configure of all sync sources is quite hard. Instead, I created base dedicated as ‘DNS’ resolving project name to it’s webhook, and a kind of ‘webhook query language’ which allows to query any fields from any table(s), apply user-defined filter and/or function. But that’s another story…

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