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URL Shortener (Natively Installable Block Extension)

I noticed there wasn't any native solutions for shortening URLs on Airtable, so I developed a block extension that does it for you: URL Shortener this helps!Creating ...

airtable_url_shortener_1_howto.gif airtable_url_shortener_2_create.png airtable_url_shortener_3_view.png airtable_url_shortener_4_view.png
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This is how you can add Profile Photos to Your Airtable Records

 In this guide, we'll show you how to automatically add profile pictures to your Airtable records based on phone numbers. This method leverages a simple yet effective integration.For a step-by-step walkthrough, check out this video on youtube. 

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Automated Job Board in Wordpress

Hello everyone,I would like to build an automated job board in WP (Job pages > Airtable > WordPress). See attached architecture slide:

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DocsAutomator now supports grouping of line items

Hi everyone,When using DocsAutomator, you can now group line items similarly to how records can be grouped inside of Airtable. Example for line items are grouped according to status: To learn more, please watch the demo here:

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 15.40.58.png
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Countries and Timezones data 🌎 🕒

I've saved myself countless hours repurposing helper data from other projects; so I've decided to start publishing them.Countries and Timezones in particular are great for adding some helpful context to a list of companies or staff – or just to help ...

image (1).png image.png
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