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Meet Basefront - embeddable UI generator for Airtable

Hey folk! I'm working on a frontend UI generator you can use to get fully editable code to embed or use on any site builder, LMS or tech stack called basefront app. So basically input your airtable creds and the generator creates a frontend which you...

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 18.59.02.png GNXEei0XwAAi8VV.jpg
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Calendar View shows irrelevant info

Hi all,I'm trying to get the Calendar View to look a  little neater, only showing the headers of events without all this unhelpful and bloated extra data showing up. For instance, in Google Calendar the date will only show "David Out of Office", but ...

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 2.04.29 PM.png
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Resolved! Add numbers in cell

How can I add all the values inside a particular cell in the Revenue AVIDZ (in Amount) and then present as "Total Revenue" hence stating revenue for a particular client?Revenue field is a lookup field.Here is the screenshot of the table:Values and To...

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 11.37.57 PM.png
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Maintenance Log/Schedule Base

Hello, I am trying to build a base for our vehicles and equipment fleet. This base will hold the maintenance log and the maintenance service schedule for each vehicle. I am stuck with how to move forward in the set up process. I initially started wit...

Sdeck_0-1715109158991.png Sdeck_1-1715109188267.png Sdeck_2-1715109208197.png
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Onboarding In Airtable

We are currently trying to move our hiring onboarding process to Airtable. In our company, we have a medical team (Nurses & Doctors), a health coaching team, a business/marketing team, and soon to be technology team. In a perfect world this is how I ...

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Automation run on existing records

The automation currently we are using only works on new records. Is there any way to push the automation to run on existing records in the same table? Right now, when form received, it will create new record. Goal is when form received, it will auto ...

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