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No-Code Solution Defects: 88%?

Almost certainly, because that's the rate for spreadsheet defects.Many studies have been conducted to gauge the reliability and accuracy of enterprises' spreadsheets. The data suggests most have defects. Spreadsheets that are designed and built using...

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Resolved! Allow edit in Expanded view only?

Is there an option to only edit a record in expanded view only?I'm getting issues where people are accidentally editing a record by mistake and not knowing about it.I'd like for the main view to be in view/non edit mode only and only allow change in ...

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BRS by 4 - Data Explorer

Sharing and opening forms

Hello, I had problems sharing a form. After creating it, I sent it to 4 people, including myself, who managed to open it on Safari. The second person, however, can't open it on Safari or on other browsers in general. The third person tried to open it...

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Views based on table with multi select

I have a table with a multiple select field monday, thusday etc etc. I will make a view or a 2nd database where I can show and count all the people on the different days.Monday : count : namesThusday : count : namesetc How can I do this?

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How to update raw in another table?

How can i do it?I've got one base with 3 tables1 for orders from my ERP automation1 for csv import from stripe payment1 for csv import from adyen paymenti need to everytime when i import csv to stripe table, the automation to find in the orders ERP t...

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Resolved! Guide functions

HI every body, brand new on airtable; I am looking for a guide listing all the functions with details of each arguments. Something like the way we work with excel's functions.When you insert a function u can click on an link to access specific into o...

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specific time in a calendar

I run a podcast studio and I track the status of a podcast with names, dates, episode name, guest name, etc.I have a column on recording date, but would like to add a specific time it will be recorded how do I add a specific time to a column?I ...

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BRS by 4 - Data Explorer

HR Management System

Create a custom HR management system. Including the use of integrated FIllout forms, interfaces, and automation.Employee directoryTime off requestsEvaluations/Reviews

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It Worked for Me Just Fine When I Tested It

How often have you experienced the dread when a near-perfect no-code solution stops working?Application sustainability is critical for developers, especially those with no/low-code technology solutions. One factor that can significantly compromise th...

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Habit Builder with Airtable 📝

Hey everyone, I spent some time in the last couple weeks to upgrade my personal habit builder to include some latest features. Just learnt that the progress bar is supported natively. It looks so good! 朗The habit builder includes:goal gallery: with g...

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Connect Airtable to OpenAI API without using 3rd party tools

A custom script that helps you integrate Airtable with the OpenAI API without using any 3rd party tools like Zapier or Make - possible even with the free Airtable account. Just copy-paste the "script" and start getting responses from gpt-4/3.5, immed...

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Resolved! date comparison bug? or just am I making any mistake?

Something sooooo wierd is happening to me that is driving me crazyI am trying to compare a date with today. Easy task aparently. (anyway working on dates is never easy to me)Look what is going on:Two date fields createdDate 1 is TODAYDate 2, the date...

David_Alonso_0-1692946524395.png David_Alonso_1-1692946569132.png David_Alonso_2-1692946625220.png David_Alonso_3-1692946679015.png
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On the new Pro Plan...

"If you're on our previously most expensive Pro Plan, we're taking away business-critical features and you have less than one month to rework your entire base structure to fit new limits, pay us twice as much, or f*ck off" – Airtable, basicallyHave f...

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New pricing !!! pricings :Free : No big changeTeam : old Pro ---Busiess : old Pro +++ (key feature from enterprise available : 2sync, more records, more storage, invoice...)Entreprise : old Enterprise +++First fellings :I like it a lot....

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Link Record with Conditions

Hello AT FamilyTable: Properties (is our base table with all of our info)Table: Mortgagehas all mortgage info pertaining to each property in Properties TableThe main statuses in this table is "Yes, No, Refinancing"Note: some properties in this table ...

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Direct users to specific interfaces using Airtable automations

Access dynamic interface url tokens within automations!You can now access interface URLs! This allows you to guide users to specific interface views and specific records within those interfaces.Providing YOU the power to organize and restrict the dat...

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