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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

After working with all sorts of Airtable users to get their bases connected to PowerBI, I wanted to provide a quick tutorial to the community in case you might be looking to connect Airtable to PowerBI as well.

There are two ways to connect Airtable to PowerBI

  1. The Airtable REST API
  2. Using a service like the one I’m helping with → Sync Inc

I’ll cover both here briefly:


These instructions pull together information across several posts here and here. Thanks to @Oscar_Diaz for getting this started - hope pulling this into one place can help.

  1. Retrieve your API key from your Airtable accounts page.
  2. Retrieve the your Base ID from the Airtable API Docs.
  3. Generate the API request to pull the data from your desired Airtable base and a specific table. Here is the basic format:[BaseID]/[NAME_OF_THE_TABLE]?Api_key=[API_KEY]
  4. In Power BI, select Get Data and enter the properly formatted URL you just created
  5. Now, set up pagination so you can pull in more than 100 records. Do so by clicking the “Advanced editor” button and enter the pagination function here.
  6. Rinse and repeat with each of the tables you want to bring into Airtable.

Sync Inc

  1. Create a Sync Inc account and connect to your base.
  2. In PowerBI, add a trusted certificate for your Sync Inc database which you can get from the Sync Inc docs.
  3. Connect to your Sync Inc Postgres database in PowerBI using the standard Postgres connector.

Once your Airtable data is in PowerBI, you can create metrics and dashboards with just a couple clicks. It’s a great service for pulling insights out of your Airtable base, combining them with other data sources, and sharing the data with your team.

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

:tv: Update: Video step-by-step guide

After popular demand, we created a step-by-step tutorial showing how to connect Airtable to PowerBI using Sync Inc:

Connect Airtable to PowerBI — Watch Video

The key step is to add a root certificate to your computer so you can properly connect to your Sync Inc database. It is as easy as clicking and uploading a file. And this video shows you exactly where to click :computer_mouse:

We’re here if you have any questions!