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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator


this is my first post on this airtable forum. Its only been a few days since I’ve used this software, but I am finding so many applications I can use from this program. I’ve only touched the surface of what I can do so far though

One important thing for me, at least, is taking revision logs of things I change overtime when I build my database schemas / naming conventions

I tend to add many notes describing each column of data I am using. But more specifically, I like embedding image links so I can add more complex data in my field description, including but not limited to schema designs

Here’s a sample gif of what I am talking about, using the “Product&Catalog Orders Template”


Naturally, I will put database schema design templates or NamingConventions in these notes. Since I want my column name values to be ideally short for visibility purposes, but my description to be as long as possible to explain any logic behind what data should be populated in those cells, and their conventions

For reference, I use the following programs:

  1. Imagus from chrome extension: Imagus - Chrome Web Store
    This lets me preview images on “hover over” an image link hosted by imgur

  2. ShareX. This is how I create annotated image links fairly quickly →. imgur URLs. Other notable programs include screenpresso or snagit.I wrote a guideline here, related to how to use shareX Introduction · ShareX-User-Manual

It adds onto the idea of a “Minimum viable airtable” that simon wrote on this thread

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