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Re: Get Crypto Prices with Airtable Scripts

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After spending 20 years in the Salesforce community, I have moved on and have become enamored with Airtable.

I am getting started in being an active part of this community and am sharing my efforts at I wanted to share my latest blog post which provides a workable example for obtaining Crypto prices from the Coinbase Pro API and populating it into Airtable. See the link below.

Hope you like it!


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Very cool - I was looking to do something similar with Coinmarketcap and bring in as many fields as possible (and willing to pay the monthly fee if reasonable).

Have you looked into their API?


I started to look into it. I would actually prefer that API because they offer more coin info. When I tried it out, I had trouble getting it to work with fetch() or remoteFetchAsync(). I found something on the forums about Airtable not supporting forwarding with fetch() and I think that might prohibit the CoinMarketCap API from working within Airtable. Kinda strange. I didn’t get too far in troubleshooting, though, so went with CoinBasePro which worked ok.

@Paul_Naraine I was incorrect in what I said before. CoinMarketCap works. I just posted a good, working example to my blog at Scripting to the CoinMarketCap API | Scott Hemmeter.

You do an excellent job on Airtable and fill it out in a user-friendly way. Your development will be a great success when you make it available.

But I don't think it will be very successful if you make a monthly fee for the tool. Users aren't willing to try something new and pay for it for the first time. Everyone will react better to your project the first time if there's a trial period or a permanent free (limited) tool. That's why I started visiting the online mining service every day. This thing is free, and in five months of working in this mining office, I haven't paid a commission yet.